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Name: Ong Sheue Yin
Place of Birth: Malaysia
Hometown: Nyalas, Melaka
Malaysia I/C:870425-04-5132
Malaysia Passport No: A33368344
Place of Work: Singapore

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Anonymous said... @ November 13, 2015 at 4:22 PM

Truth (Kisah Benar) - Betrayed in love and murder attempt subsequent of evidences removal trial

Declaration of Information Committee Division of Charities Group sharing the experiences encountered by Master Lee (Charities Volunteer)

Master Lee is an active member in the Buddhist group, disaster relief, orphan and senior citizens care voluntary activities such as Tzu Chi volunteer group religious activities and he participated a lot of activities (Example: East Coast flood of volunteers, volunteer for floods rescue in Thailand, seniors age-care activities, etc.). Notable memorize from us is Master Lee has been joint-force with Christianity Volunteer Group for Japan Earthquake Disaster.

Miss Ong Sheue Yin admitted as Master Lee Fiancee’s who is born in Nyalas Malacca, Malaysia. Master Lee is very faithful to his love relationship and he never betrayed to Miss Ong instead of Miss Ong behave rude to him and she did not take care Master Lee all the time Master Lee has been instructed from Miss Ong Sheue Yin’s Father to take care of her.

Once upon a time, her mobile phone dropped in the deepest sea bay of Changi, Singapore, she is desperately to force Masters Lee’s dive deepest undersea to find back her mobile phone. During that time, Singapore Changi beach having destructive waves, Master Lee get injured and almost drown by the aggressive waves after get back her mobile phone. It was very lucky that Lee was rescued by one of youngster but his lung suffering the serious injury and he fell unconsciousness and sent to Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Changi Hospital with hospitalisation almost a week. (Evidence Retrievable from SPF Singapore and Changi Airport have records) but Miss Ong did not appreciated and grateful what Master Lee did for her. After a while, she realised that Master Lee injured which possible lead to permanent disable. Then, she joint with her mother to attack against and make harder to Master Mr Lee and His Family and she tried to manipulate the fact. Master Lee seems like foolish with good intentions to help Miss Ong but get nothing at the end. Miss Ong has instructed Master Lee to help Ong Sheue Yin for the Singapore Permanent Resident Application. After the PR application is approved, Miss Ong started to torture Master Lee like animals. Because Miss Ong Sheue Yin's Father has stroke, so Master Lee did not inform her father at that time.

According to the evidences, Master Lee has help Miss Ong for the Singapore Permanent Resident Application which has been instructed by Miss Ong Sheue Yin's Parents. After She get the PR, she started to betray and torture Master Lee

Most people believe that Miss Ong was really vicious, heartlessness, poor creditworthiness and character.

We have no idea how to stop Ong Sheue Yin's evil practices. According to the official investigation, Ong Sheue Yin (Malaysia I/C: 870425-04-5132 Malaysia) (Passport No: A33368344) joint with Malacca loan sharks to cheat Master Lee when Master Lee hospitalisation with some financial difficulty, She thought Master Lee will mortgaged property for medical treatment which She able to gain commission from Loan Shark but Master Lee has a lot of friends helping him go through the difficulty period during his hospitalisation.

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